Cultivate a peaceful mind, a joyful heart, and a calm body

As a licensed therapist and yoga teacher, I want to support you in finding healing and wholeness in your life.


COVID-19 Update: For the time being, all of my session are taking place virtually via telehealth (video or phone). I am currently accepting new clients for telehealth, with the option to transition to in-person therapy in the future.​


Integrative Psychotherapy

I hold a secure, nonjudgmental, and restorative space for my clients. My holistic approach to healing can treat a range of concerns including trauma and PTSD, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, relationship concerns, and depression.


Therapeutic Meditation

Take your mindfulness or meditation practice to a deeper level. I can tailor meditation to support you whether you're looking for relaxation and stress management, greater spiritual connection, or resolution of a specific issue.


Therapeutic Yoga

Harness the organic healing capacity of yoga through private therapeutic yoga sessions. I adapt sessions to each client's needs and goals.


Values that guide my work


I believe in trusting the natural unfolding of healing and growth. While the work can certainly be challenging, we can embody gentleness all along the way. I like to open up compassionate space free from forcefulness, rigidity, or rushing.


Ahimsa is a guiding principle of yoga meaning non-violence. May we seek to treat ourselves and one another with compassion and dismantle harmful patterns when they arise. May we honor rather than devalue the origins of holistic healing practices, such as yoga and ayurveda's South Asian roots.


Healing goes hand-in-hand with authentic connection with ourselves, safe connection with others, and meaningful connection with the natural world to which we belong. I hold a space that continually encourages healthy, nourishing connection.


I seek to make room for all parts of ourselves to be welcomed with acceptance, including parts that have been blocked or quieted. By unapologetically embodying the wholeness of who we are, our lives can feel more free and vibrant.


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